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There's no question photography is an digital business these days:  photographers need to be 'online' and they need to be able to publish, promote and deliver their work over the internet. And that's given working photographers a whole new learning curve...


These days you need at least a basic understanding of web design and development, you need to know about online marketing, email marketing, social media... not to mention the ever-increasing need to master the digital darkroom.

The good news is, you don't need to be an expert on everything... as long as you know where to go.

  • Where to go to find stuff out quickly and easily
  • Where to get the tools you need to do the various tasks
  • Where to go to get up to speed on the all important tasks
  • Where to get professional time-saving templates

That's what the Photographers Vault is all about.

We've put together one amazing archive of digital products, tools and information, all in one place, so you can find what you need, when you need it, without having to troll the web for hours. Without having to pay again and again for each new item you need.

Here's a quick list we've got covered in the Vault...


Books, Reports & Whitepapers

We've published dozens of these ourselves over the years and we've accumulated even more. So this section is easily the most extensive selection of photography-related ebooks you'll find anywhere on the internet...


  • General Photography
  • Photography Business
  • Social Media
  • Digital Darkroom
  • Writing & Self-Publishing
  • Online Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design & Development

Graphics & Artwork

If you're promoting your business online, or maintaining any kind of a web presence, sooner or later you'll be looking for quality artwork or web graphics. While it's tempting to try and do it yourself, more often than not, it's a time-consuming distraction that you're better off avoiding. With access to the following downloads, you'll have instant access to everything you need and more...

  • Ad Banner Templates
  • Backgrounds
  • Fonts Sets

  • Icons & Clipart
  • Infographic Templates
  • Photoshop Actions
  • Photoshop Gradients
  • Photoshop Tools
  • Web Graphics

Software & Apps

Here we've got a large selection of tools for your photography and your business. If you do any kind of online promotion of your work you should look over the video marketing tools and the social media managers. Regardless there's a lot here and you're sure to find some that are extremely useful for you.


  • Photo Tools
  • Video Tools
  • Business Applications
  • Graphics Tools
  • Web Design & Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Media Tools

Themes & Templates

Most photographers recognise the need for a blog or some sort of personal web presence these days, so we've put together a selection of ready-made themes and templates to get you set up fast. It won't be for everyone, but we've also included a number of turnkey website/blog packages that will let you set up additional cash-generating sites that you can set up and then pretty much forget about!

  • Hundreds of WordPress Themes
  • Premium WordPress Themes

  • Ready-Made Blog Websites
  • Plug-And-Play Monetised Websites
  • Adsense-Ready Websites
  • Instant Clickbank Website

Videos & Audios

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the internet is the way it's given us the ability to learn new skills from the comfort of our home. We've got dozens of quality video sets that let you watch and learn everything you need to know, at your own pace, on your own schedule....

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging & WordPress
  • Digital Darkroom
  • DIY Websites

  • Photography Business
  • Personal Development
  • RF Music Tracks
  • SEO & Search Marketing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Web Traffic Systems

Mixed Media Packages

Then there's some excellent packages that combine videos, audio and ebooks... there's some great training packages that probably won't interest everyone, but if you grab even one of these, you'll be getting extraordinary value for your membership...

  • Google+ For Business
  • Facebook Timeline Toolkit

  • Kindle Publisher Professional
  • 5 Essential Photography Skills
  • Public Speaking Extraordinaire

 Already, That's Well Over 15Gb of Amazing Downloads


All up, we've already added more than 15Gb of downloads, and we've got more to come. Just from the items we currently sell on stand alone websites, there's over $560 of individual products!

And today you can lock-in access to every one of those, plus a whole lot more, for one amazingly-low price. But we'll get to that shortly...

Because we're not done yet.

We've gone all-out to get everything uploaded but now that we've started, we just keep finding more and more every day. So this is a growing, dynamic library that will never be 'finished' and we will always be adding new and interesting downloads.

We've also added a comprehensive resources section, with links to dozens of valuable websites we've uncovered or photographers like yourself have shared with us. We've got quite a network of photographers these days, so we're constantly adding to this as they share the new hidden gems they've find.

As I said though, this is brand new and we're still putting the finishing touches on the Members Area. We've got most of the downloads up and ready for you, but we've still got to go through and add some extra info and find cover graphics for some of them.

We also want to get some Member Testimonials for this page... and for that we need some Members!

So we're running a very limited Pre-Launch Special this weekend only, and all we ask is ...

  1. You agree that you are getting an amazing deal because you're helping us get everything finished off, test drive the Member's Area and let us know about any typos or broken links. If you're going to get annoyed with any of that, please wait a week or so!
  2. You also agree to send us a testimonial we can use on this page. It can be about the Photographers Vault as a whole, or one particular download you like. It's up to you and obviously we can't enforce it, but we ask that you seriously plan to send us something once you've had a good look around.

Fair enough?

This really is an amazing collection of downloads that is only going to keep on growing and improving over time. When we launch we'll be offering access for a low monthly fee, to keep it affordable and accessible for anyone who can use it, but for this weekend only, you can lock in life-time access for a one-off payment of just $197 $147 $67

  • Full Platinum (life-time) Membership of the Photographers Vault
  • All the downloads and resources in the Members Area
  • All future additions to the Photographer's area as they're added
  • All special offers and discounts from Photographer's Vault Partners

This is a special offer of a one-time payment for lifetime access.

In exchange for this great deal, I understand that I'm coming on board pre-launch as a beta-tester, and some areas of the site are still been tested and completed.

I also make a commitment to send an Personal Testimonial about the Photographer's Vault once I've had a chance to look around and checkout a few of the downloads.


Please note... we reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time. This is a special offer for this weekend only... or until we get a few good testimonials. If you come back later it might not be here and if you come back next week, it will definitely be gone!


After you order you'll be brought back here to set up your account login, and you can access the Members Area immediately, even if it's 2am.

This is a great opportunity to lock-in lifetime access at a ridiculously low one-time price, so I hope I've made it a no-brainer. Click the button above and get your Platinum Lifetime Access now before I change my mind!


Matt Brading

PS. We were originally setting up this resource directory just for GlobalEye Member Photographers, but it became clear it was too good not to share. I hope you've seen the value and are ready to lock it in, but just in case, here's a complete list of everything we've added to the archive so far... Full Photographers Vault Index

PPS. If you know other photographers who might be interested, please use the links below to give us a Share! Once you've had a good look around your Member's Area, please remember to come back here and add your comments/testimonial below!

PPPS. There is NO refund policy attached with this offer, due to the digital nature of this membership package. This won't affect most people coming through here, but if you're a serial-refunder and you plan to sign up for a few weeks, download everything you can and then cancel, that's fine, but please don't ask for a refund.


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  1. Noel Buttler
    5 years ago

    Photographer’s Vault is an easy and fast way to find information and learning tools to help me learn about the photography business.
    Before i signed up i was frustrated tryng to remenber and find the page where different resources,books,videos could be found.
    The dowloads were fast and no trouble with video playing, From Noel

  2. Inge
    5 years ago

    I like the idea very much but before I sign up I would like to have a general look at your selections.

  3. Tanya L'Estrelle-Adcock
    5 years ago

    I was surprised at the variety of resources available here and pleased to find so many useful items collected in one place. I look forward to the continued additions and updates. What a fantastic start!

  4. Paul Redding
    5 years ago

    Thanks for the Photographer’ Vault. I have had a quick look and can see quite a few useful resources already.
    There is a good cross section of subjects that are relevant to running a successful photography business.

  5. Brian
    5 years ago

    This is a great value package. You get tons of material for a great price. I am going to get a great ROI on this product.

  6. Kip Manwaring
    5 years ago

    Fascinating/useful/educational stuff here – I look forward to exploring the content in detail.

  7. artofwoman
    5 years ago

    I’ve looked at several sites that offer download ebooks, videos and packages; and generally they have a lot of junk. It usually takes a lot of time to find the good stuff relevant to photographers.

    Now Photographer’s Vault has all the good stuff in one place! Lots of useful information.

    I recommend Photographer’s Vault and will visit often. From Margaret at

  8. Jaime Lanndan
    5 years ago

    Cannot believe this again, I have had access before to the amazing amount of knowledge that you have put out there, and this time there is just twice as much
    . Everything about GlobalEye amazes me and I really don’t know when you find time to sleep
    .The help, information, knowledge over the months have helped me incredibly and have been the main reason I am still here and hopefully growing.I thank you for all that. So much to do I just cannot seem to catch up, I keep trying though!! Thank you again Matt and GlobalEye.

  9. Mark
    5 years ago

    looks like a very full collection of resources. Looking forward to accessing them. The lifetime membrership price seems like an unreal entry path, thankyou for the chance to join you that way.


  10. Jaime Lanndan
    5 years ago

    Hi Matt, Posted comments yesterday as soon as I read it. Thanks Jaime