Are You Always Looking For New Ways To Boost Your Bottom Line?

"Discover How To Create & Sell Your Own Digital Products For An Ongoing Hands-Free Revenue Stream"

Find Out How To Create Your First Digital Product, Set Up An Automated Sales Machine & Start Making Hands-Free Sales...

Here's something any serious photographer should be doing!

These days most photographers know they need multiple revenue streams in place if their photography business is going to really prosper.

No matter what your main field of work might be, times are tough... competition is high, prices are under constant pressure and costs are always rising....

Few photographers can survive doing just one thing...

It makes a lot of sense to think outside the square and build multiple, additional profit centres for your business.

Especially if you can find a few hands-free options that can add to your bottom line without adding to your day-to-day workload.

Well what I've got for you today can do that, and it's not as far outside the square as you might think at first glance...

In fact it's a business model that has already been used successfully by business owners in almost any field you can imagine.

And it's a business model that more and more photographers are catching on to as well...

The Business of Selling Downloadable Digital Products.

With the system I'm about to show you, there is some assembly required, but once you're done, you'll have a standalone business up and running, selling your own digital products... hands-free... for almost 100% profit!

It's also a business model that's well suited to the creative skills of photographers... and the possibilities are virtually limitless.

(So don't worry about 'what' to sell... we'll cover that shortly!)

What's so special about Downloadable Digital Products?

The answer is simple... automation!

With the guide that follows, I'm going to show you how you can create your own entire hands-free sales machine.

A fully-automated 'sales funnel' that allows your customer to find, purchase and download your products... without any time or effort on your part.

Even better, I'll also show you can recruit a small army of marketers who'll promote your products for you!

It's all covered in step-by-step detail in our brand new Photographer's Guide To Launching A Digital Product Business...

A Photographer's Guide To Launching
A Digital Product Business

This concise training manual will walk you through a proven process that I've been using myself for over 10 years.

I recently shared it with our Member Photographers at GlobalEye and iIt was very well received there, so we decided to publish it here for our newsletter subscribers as well.

Now I know this won't be for everyone.

I'm sure a lot of people have already decided it's too hard or "it's just not photography"?

... But I'm just as confident that those who read this page right through to the end will see the potential and continue on to add an exciting new revenue option to their business model.

So since you're here and obviously interested... take a good look at everything that's covered in this guide, and try to imagine how you might put some of these strategies to use...

Inside A Photographer's Guide To Launching a Digital Product Business


Creating Your Downloadable Digital Product

  • The three main types of digital products that sell best and all the best features (and potential problems) of each.
  • What makes some products sell while others go stale on the digital shelf, and how to design your product so people will be eager to buy it
  • The fasted way to (cost-effectively) create any type of digital product you decide to sell.
  • How to test your ideas before you start and create a hot-selling eBook.
  • How to create a standalone software or web-based tools or even mobile app... even if you have zero programming experience and no desire to learn!
  • How to create a simple video training course that newbies will beg to buy...
  • Plus all the equipment and software you need to create a professional quality video package.

... And much, much more!

Setting Up Your Automated Sales Machine

  • The big three digital marketplaces you need to consider... JVZoo, ClickBank and WSO Pro
  • We show you step by step, how ot add your product to JVZoo... the easiest (and free) option!
  • How to create an automated sales funnel... all you need for a professional landing page, sales pitch and checkout process.
  • How to write highly persuasive copy that drives your massive sales
  • How to monitor, test & tweak things like headlines, copy, price, graphics and more to optimize your sales
  • How to drive more traffic to your landing page using SEO, PPC, e-mail marketing and social media
  • How to build an army of affiliate marketers who will promote your products for you, and drastically increase your sales and profits

3 Product Models... Unlimited Possibilities!

This guide takes an in-depth look at three distinct digital product types that are always in-demand and super-easy to produce...

Ebooks & Reports

This is the quickest option to get up and running, and the possibilities are truly endless... you get everything you need to convert your idea into a very marketable short report of ebook... even if you're not a writer!

These are generally offwered at a relatively low cost, so a good idea that meets a genuine need will hardly need any selling to start adding to your bottom line.

Software & Apps

This is a little more advanced, but again, all it really takes is a good idea. We share the best out-sourcing platforms and show you how to find the right programmer to turn your idea into a fully functional application.

There's no question that useful software sells itself, and best of all, you can have your software created for you for a whole lot less than you might imagine...

Video Packages

Video has a very high perceived value online and it's no surprise that video training packages can often command prices 5-10 times higher than the exact same information presented in an ebook.

And as visual artists, it's a medium that a lot of photographers enjoy working in, so it really is a win win. All you need is the idea... or skill or expertise to share... and we'll show you the rest!

Check out these fast-action bonuses...

Quick-Start Checklist

I'm including htis handy, printable checklist so that you can check off each step as you go, and then use if for easy reference as you create and publish your second third and fourth products!

Pro Resource Directory

You'll also get access to my personal rolodex of top websites, blogs, forums, tools, apps and services to get you up and running even faster... plus great shortcuts and outsourcing tools.

Content Creation Handbook

Finally... just in case you're worried you might get stuck looking for the next great 'idea', here's a wealth of ideas you can use any time you need it to smash through those creative blocks!

Are You Ready To Add A Digital Product Line To Your Business?

I hope by now you're seeing the potential here and that you've already got a few ideas for products you can create and sell for yourself.

That's all you really need... the idea... because I've worked extra hard to make sure this package covers any of the technical stuff.

You just provide the imagination and a bit of elbow grease to get it up and running.

The good news is, when you do that, these digital products can sell themselves, literally while you sleep.

(That might sound a bit cliched, but it's an amazing feeling the first time you check your email in the morning and see sales that went through while you slept!)

So What's It Going To Cost Me To Get Started?

So the only thing left to tell you is the price... and I'm happy to tell you, it definitely won't break the bank.

Right now we're looking for some testimonials that we can post on this page, so we're offering a huge discount to our early customers in return for a short testimonial.

No obligation... we just ask that you consider sending us your feedback once you've been through the package!

Fair enough?

In return, we're making this amazing package available for $27 a mere $7.00

That includes the complete training manual and the three bonuses... but only until we get a few testimonials!

At that price it should be within everyone's reach and literally too good to refuse...

So hit that orange order button now and grab your copy!

Frequently Asked Questions...

What Are My Upfront Costs?

About the only costs are a domain name and hosting... about $20 upfront... so if you;'ve already got a website, you can do this without spending a cent. If you want ot speed up the process, you might choose to hire a freelancer to create your first product, but that is entirely optional.

Do I Need A Website?

There are options to make di without, but we'll show you how to set up a super simple website with your entire automated sales funnel for about $20!

You'll probably want to add extra products after that anyway, so it's worth having a website of your own so you can add and edit your content at will. (We've also got some coupons for you for cheap domains and hosting too... if you need them!)

But I'm really not a technical person?

We've got you covered... you get simple, easy to follow instructions on every step of the process. And if you still find it too much, there's detailed instruction on finding and hiring affordable freelancers to do anything you don't want to do yourself!

This Is Super Cheap. What's The Catch?

You're right, there is a catch. This is a brand new product and we're looking for some testimonials we can use on this page. So we're offering a big discount fo the launch and in return we ask that you consider sending us a short testimonial!

We're in the business of helping photographers, so you'll find our offerings are always affordable... just don't confuse cheap with low quality!

This package is your chance to break into the lucrative Digital Product Business. For a limited time you can grab your copy at an amazing 75% off!

This is a brand new product and we're looking for some testimonials from happy customers. So we're offering you this big discount and in return, all we ask is that you consider sending us your feedback when your done!